Creating a contract Review

We are drafting and reviewing various contracts such as Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), Development Consignment Contract, License Agreement, Distributor Agreement etc, Terms of Use on Website, Application Form etc I will.


Trademark registration support)

The trademark system is a system to protect the brand. Let's register trademarks to protect the brand.


Reason why clairlaw firm is chosen

Abundant achievements of over 100 companies

claiwlaw firm is a law firm dealing with a wide range of corporate legal affairs. He is a venture corporation and a corporate attorney for more than 100 companies.

Reliable charge system

Even if one lawyer handles a legal consultation, even if multiple people respond, the consultation fee will not change. Moreover, we do not do excessive research which seems unnecessary.

consulting with confidence in a calm environment

I think about the customer first, we have a meeting room that has good transportation and can meet with a lawyer relaxedly.

Lawyers support venture companies

Lawyers offer various services so that venture companies with an inexperienced management system can serve them.

We support the introduction of privacy mark

By supporting the creation of a structure for protecting personal information while maintaining existing business structure and by appropriately grasping the work contents through the process, it becomes possible to provide continuous legal services efficiently I will.

An experienced lawyer is in handling

Lawyers who are outside directors and outside corporate auditors, lawyers with experience in IPO, and affiliated lawyers have experience in their respective fields.